3D Floor Planning and Mixed Reality

.rooms revolutionizes interior design sales

.rooms is a multiple-platform, mixed reality application built for HoloLens 2 and based on Microsoft Azure. It provides an immersive, holographic experience, enabling interior planners and builders to collaborate more effectively with their customers, and boosts conversion and customer satisfaction.

Mixed reality offers a visionary new benchmark of planning and selling for interior and exterior design, in residential, commercial and industrial planning, construction, architecture and real estate.

Find out how to collaborate more effectively with your customers and how to scale your conversion rate by more than 20%.

Creating a new way to view interior spaces

Traditionally, customers find it hard to understand a design scheme and difficult to imagine a finished project. The .rooms app enables customers to participate in the design process and experience a project pre-purchase and on location. By sharing ideas with their interior designer they reduce costly planning mistakes.

Sales Conversion

.rooms delivers increased conversion rates and upselling through design security and customer satisfaction with significantly reduced complaint rate

Real Dimensions

Collaborative planning process in actual sizes and real dimensions provide an exciting and engaging experience for the end customer

Enhanced Planning

Solution can accurately depict future structural changes like architectural alterations, wall openings, or color schemes.

Robust and Reliable

Built on Azure the .rooms platform ensures stability for sales consultants using it on location, as well as Data Security.

Welcome to the next level of industry-defining process control

Easy to use

  • Provides an intuitive and fun experience for sales consultants and customers alike using the HoloLens 2 headset
  • Shows holographic components in scale and on location
  • Allows real-time changes and options in design process

Easy to scale

  • Provides extensive back catalog of products
  • Sales processes become more efficient and transparent
  • Flexibility for customers to support the growth of their business

Complex planning problems solved by creative answers

Imagine a 3D planning tool which allows you to place holograms of your desired furniture right in your room in real scale, enabling an immersive experience. You draft a floor plan or import it into your tablet. You plan conveniently on your tablet and check the finished design with the help of your HoloLens 2. You adjust and correct planning problems as they occur, before they are finalized.

Some of our key technologies

.rooms and Microsoft Azure for data security

Our interior design and sales application is built on Dynamics Business Central and Dynamics CRM in Azure integrated with Azure AI, cognitive services, Microsoft 365 and Office 365. It provides cloud based capacity, security and scalability for your design projects.

Integrated Product Portfolio

3D mixed reality planning platform (.rooms), connected to data driven AI/ML based service platform (.insights) and automated process backbone (.spark). It offers integrated cross-selling opportunities in the Azure marketplace and Appsource ecosystem with an option to add AI and cognitive services.

HoloLens 2

Work smarter: HoloLens 2 is the ultimate mixed reality device, and .rooms delivers value to you instantly in the most comfortable and immersive mixed reality experience available.

Rent before you buy

.rooms Evaluation Kit

Wow! That looks fantastic!

It's great to see the kitchen with an opening. You can evaluate the colours much better with the template. I can't think of a better way.

To collaboratively discuss furniture that hasn't been manufactured yet - we think that’s brilliant.

This is so much better than the planning program of (...a famous Swedish furniture store)! I can imagine it really well here.

It's nice to be able to move furniture in life-size scale.

Very impressive for planning even a shell construction! It gave me confidence that providing an opening in the wall was the right decision.

The spatial presentation is great. You can imagine the kitchen much better this way.