Improving value chains with .spark

.spark revolutionizes sales processes

.spark is an end-to-end platform for all steps in your sales process. It coordinates and connects lead management to your sales funnel, sales management to your inventory management.

Key Technology

.spark is built on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Dynamics CRM in Microsoft Azure, and integrated with Azure AI, Azure cognitive services, Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

How can .spark help your business?

Integrates your value chain

How do integrate the many steps in your sales process to create a comprehensive and predictable value chain? How do connect distinct functions from sales to factoring, fulfillment and inventory management. With .spark you connect all relevant points in your value creation. This is how you simplify a complex system in one coherent, comprehensive business process.

Achieve maximum transparency

.spark allows you to measure the accuracy and effectiveness of your sales process. It offers insights and measurements across all relevant business processes​. It measures the effectiveness and accuracy of your data integration. It provides transparency and control of all aspects of your value chain.

Master your data management

As an end-to-end platform .spark is simple to install and implement. It facilitates lean data management by offering a central data repository. It reduces complexity and redundancies. It allows you to grow your data systems along with your organization.

Are you interested in optimizing your sales process with .spark?